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Shenzhen TPC Technology Co.,Ltd is a company which based on “Cloud”. Also a high-tech company which developing, manufacturing and selling“Cloud-computing”, “Cloud-storage”, “Cloud-application” products. We sale “Delivery-cloud”, “monitor-cloud”, “Communicate-cloud”, “Telcom-cloud”, “Electric business-cloud”, “Education-cloud”, “Medical-cloud”and so on. Also have “Cloud” products, solution, application, certification etc.
Our main business is developing, manufacturing, selling on Cloud-computing Server and Cloud Storage, including solution for “Cloud-application”. TPC cooperate with Tsinghua Holdings CO., LTD and Wuhan University in order to build a professional team for developing products. Until now, we have successfully developing High-Available and NAS software. At same time, we are developing “active-active controller storage” will fill the blank in China, it also rivals to international high-tech. In order to improve and consolidate our company in Cloud field, TPC also cooperate with HongKong University, HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, South China University of Technology on developing program and aim for Chinese Cloud technology.
Holding high-end & stable product and excellent developing team, we focus on making top IT brand: TPC. TPC is positioning on “high-end Cloud service”, purpose on “Smart China, Cloud Future”. It’s not only IT’s future, but also the Chinese future. Our management team compose by someone who have great experience on international company management, quoted company management and localization experience. All of them are come from “basic-cloud” and “cloud-architecture” company native or abroad.
“Blockbuster”, TPC is building in the Chinese technology original – Shenzhen city. We insist high-starting, high-tech, high-quality and serving for our country. We believe that we can make the “Cloud-application” all over the country, leading china to Cloud era.