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Shenzhen Cloud Storage Technology Co., Ltd. News. opened News

Date:2013-01-08 10:08|Source:TPC


August 13, 2012, days Cloud Storage Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen ushered in the grand opening ceremony. Day, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the new production after magazine, district leaders, enterprises and institutions guests and friends in the media to attend the opening ceremony, witnessed the unique charm of the day cloud "wisdom, cloud collar future". Days of cloud as a "cloud" and "cloud computing" cloud storage "bearer" cloud applications "R & D, production, sales of high-tech enterprises, the officially held the opening ceremony in China an important measure of the market, is a milestone for the days of cloud brand. Future days of cloud relying on science and technology to the birthplace of Shenzhen, adhere to a high starting point, high-tech, high-quality services in the community, I believe that will set off a nationwide "cloud applications" boom and boost China's entry into the "cloud era.

Today coincided with the IT industry "cloud computing" of the rapid development of the field of days of cloud is committed to being the the Cloud field of beach-goers. Days of cloud in cloud server and cloud storage production, R & D, sales, cloud application system development, applications and solutions for the main business, hand in Tsinghua Holdings and Northwestern Polytechnical University, concentrate superior technology and R & D resources to set up professional high-end R & D team has successfully developed a cloud infrastructure platform HA NAS software, at the same time during the day cloud "symmetric active-active cloud storage products," the research and development, will achieve a national initiative, directed at top international level. Days of cloud with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, etc. The company also formed a strategic partnership, and vigorously carry out research projects, working together to upgrade their technology and application of the "Cloud Series".
Opening ceremony, days Cloud Storage Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen president Zhu Cun Yong said: "day cloud located in the high-end cloud services, and is committed to the field of high-end service providers to become cloud day cloud adhering to the" wisdom passed force, professional cohesion enthusiasm "corporate values ​​and corporate mission to" create value for customers to enhance their technological society, and strive to become the leading brand in China cloud ".