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TPC:TPC successfully solved the problem of a University Digital Teaching


In the cloud computing technology matures today Gradually, another way a university in Guangzhou, it is difference that other colleges and universities as a starting point to build a high-performance computing cloud computing platforms, join Shenzhen TPC storage technology Co.,Ltd resource integration and information services as an entry point to fast and efficient, open service principle, to build a comprehensive integrated services digital campus system as the goal, is designed based on "cloud computing" applications overall data center solutions, just less than a year's time it has achieved remarkable results.
A university in Guangzhou began of the construction of information technology with a big stride forward at the beginning of 2009, the continued information system widely used on campus. With the popularization and application of a single application system construction in depth, the imbalances of hardware resource difficulties and resource use will become more highlights. How to use advanced cloud computing technology design, digital campus construction reasonable solution exists high investment, difficult to manage, low efficiency, high energy consumption, low availability and other issues, became a university in Guangzhou digital campus construction teams need to be solved important problem. International construction, comprehensive one, two applications of project construction, in line with the overall technology roadmap simulated environment rigorous testing and evaluation, the design of the Guangzhou University based on "cloud computing" applications data center building program, then, only less than a year has basically completed the Guangzhou University of cloud computing data center applications, and achieved remarkable results. Achieved in less than 20 days of cloud B714 blade server built on top of more than 70 virtual hosts, dynamic support for nearly more than twenty business systems running average utilization of hardware resources increased nearly three times as much, which undoubtedly for domestic colleges and universities in the education informatization construction, combined with the application of cloud computing technology provides a new solution ideas. The goal of building cloud-based applications to simplify data center construction will follow, sharing, dynamic principle, the use of virtualization, load balancing, and multi-level storage technology, to build a dynamic resource base platform to integrate computing resources, improve equipment utilization rate, reduce application complexity, enhanced ability to share storage resources, saving energy consumption and other goals, and ultimately makes this digital campus builds on the business application management easier, more comprehensive, more reliable, more stable, and can be more flexible and convenient for students and teachers to provide "on-demand and changes," the application services.
2.2System Architecture
Figure 1 based on "cloud computing" applications overall data center architecture diagram
As can be seen from the figure 1, we focused on the first and second prase of the digital campus in a university in Guangzhou has been done overall transformation plan, according to the different business requirements into a number of functional areas, Meanwhile according to the actual situation constructed of TPC B714 blade servers server clouds and TPC NS-3000U consisting of storage cloud, and then on top of this building business applications virtualized cluster. The data backup is scheduled backups using tape machines in load balancing using F5 hardware load balancing traffic load balancing devices, while also using a firewall, VPN, IDS, IPS and audit the entire data center equipment to ensure information center security.